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"True Diary" What's going on with Robi Hallford-Robiha's working in an American casino?

Hi guys, I know most of you want to know about my life and what's going on right now. I'll tell you today 2/26/2023 on my comp at 8:14 PM I'm at home and didn't work already 3rd day because on Feb 22 I have a cold in my back I mean my back is in pain, California have cold weather and if I didn't wear warm clothing I easy have sick, so pity. On Feb 23 I had to work by myself in the restaurant as a hostess, ahh I forgot to tell you that I decided to transfer my work from the players club to the restaurant named Council Oak as a Hostess, I've been learning from girl Hostess who works there already 7 months and she knows her work very well. But I work there part-time On Feb 23, I should work alone without her by myself because she took the day off. So I came to work with my sick back, I took a pill of ibuprofen and thought it will work it was working a little I still felt pain, and on the next day, I decided to take PTO, today my 3rd PTO day. So today I'm at home, it's so uncomfortable to sleep with back pain... But it's ok, I think everything happens for a reason I mean I probably should take a rest these days.

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