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Today 10/15/2023

Want to share that I'm happy working at the Capital of California Sacramento Airport as Ambassador. You know guys I'm an actress and model, and when I work somewhere my own decision is to promote this Brand of my work. We all ambassadors have the same uniform, but I decided to buy something that will bring to this outfit that will look attractive and make people pay attention and know about this brand. I love this job. I love people I'm a people person, love to talk every day with new people, and love to make them feel great while I escort them to the line, if I see something good in person I say about it, for example, girl have a beautiful makeup, or man have a handsome beard, or I smell cologne or perfume, you know guys I use to be Model Perfume promoter and can recognize perfumes and colognes.

Sometimes when I promoted perfumes I promoted even those perfumes that I like but not very much, you know what I mean. And you know guys several times I smelled perfumes that I didn't like before but it was Amazing our skin is great and when we put perfume or cologne on it makes your own smell because it starts to collaborate with the skin and make your own unique smell. Love it.

Also, I like about my new job that our team is like a family love it!

Me with Ebony at our 15 min break

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