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Hi, Nice to meet you :) My name is Robi Hallford, I'm an actress, model, comedian singer, and Google Local Guide :)

  1. Since my childhood I always admired Marilyn Monroe, then when I was studying at the Institute of Art my favorite actress was Marilyn Monroe, when I came in America I didn't work for around 7 years it's not because I don't want to work it was because of my opportunity. For these 7 years I've been learning a lot about My Idol actress Marilyn Monroe, and about the internet also, so I decided to create my own series named "Revival" about Me, Marilyn Monroe, and the Internet in 2017.  I opened my own site and every hope that Gradually over time, it has turned into my own online community. I believe that a good sense of humor is the most important ingredient in life. I’m proud of the growing community of users who visit my site, and offer their feedback,  If you’d like to join or discuss get in touch with me today. I can’t wait to hear from you..

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